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In 1906, Jakobstad's voluntary fire brigade received a donation from Strengberg's tobacco factory for the construction of a fire station. The municipality of Jakobstad decided to contribute to the construction costs, provided that the building, in addition to premises for firefighting, would have public premises such as a ballroom and gymnasium. 


The fire station is located west of the old tobacco factory on a plot donated by the municipality. The beautiful building was designed by the Swedish architect Torben Grut, whom also designed Stockholm Stadium where the 5th Olympic Games were held in 2012. The resemblance in both style and design between the two buildings can clearly be seen.


Construction of the fire station was completed in 1912, and a grand opening was held the 2nd of February 1913. Since then, the building has been filled with both the city's and the voluntary fire brigade, theater performances, housing, art exhibitions, teaching and much more. 


After the fire department and rescue services moved into newer modern facilities in 2012, the house stood empty for a long time and was only filled with a few pop-up events. During the summer of 2021, we finally completed our renovation of the old fire truck hall, and the result is Station 23 - a cocktail bar, lounge,  restaurant and terrace.

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